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When I enter a client’s home, I introduce myself and my role as a Notary in the transaction.  I share with them how their names need to be signed and dated.   As a courtesy to my clients, I place a Post-It-Note on the table with the date and how their names should read.  I also explain that the year needs to be four digits.

As we laugh, joke and share stories, I present the documents. But I continue to watch my clients diligently. They say to me “you’re watching like a hawk,” and we laugh even more.

Signing and dating documents correctly is crucial in a loan signing.   Do you really want me to come back and have to ask you to re-sign?  I ask. Maybe just to visit.

It’s all about humor and how to have fun while being precise in signing important documents.  I try to stay true to my name in my work—Eileen JOY.

Call on me anytime as a loan signing agent / mobile notary.